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Landscape Design

Landscape architecture combines design with the environment, art with science.
Landscape architects are broad thinkers who thrive on the big picture. They are playing an increasingly important role in addressing the great issues of our day: climate change, sustainable communities, water, housing and the prevention of hunger.
The range of ways in which landscape architects work is staggering. From master planning Olympic sites to planning and managing landscapes like national parks and areas of outstanding natural beauty to designing the public squares and parks that we all use, landscape architecture nurtures communities and makes their environment human and livable.
Offering an in-house service means our landscape team is on hand to offer immediate advice. As with our environmental and interiors teams, this is invaluable at the earliest stages of a project, particularly when siting and conceptual design matters are still being debated. In turn, this can make project management and detailed design run more smoothly and efficiently.
For us Landscape architecture is not just the profession of the future – but the profession for a better future. Incorporating landscape design at the inception of a project ensures we are making the best use of space and consider the whole environment, not just the building.
Whilst integrating our landscape design into architectural projects is vital, we also offer landscaping as standalone service.